5 Part Series – 5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Workout – Day 5 – Time To Recover

Mistake #5: Skipping Recovery Days

They call it building muscles but in reality they should call it RE-Building muscles. Each workout you are tearing the muscles very slightly, Your body then needs time to rest and it rebuilds the damaged tissue and makes the muscle bigger and stronger so that it wont tear again. This means that each time you workout, you need to allow the muscle time to heal. This makes your muscles bigger, stronger and more powerful. However imagine you dont rest, the muscle does not have time to heal. Now you are just tearing the muscle day after day. If you work your muscles day after day, they can’t repair themselves. They may even decrease in size, leading to strength loss. Symptoms of over-training include decreased energy, an elevated resting heart rate, irritability, and insomnia.

The Fix:

The process of exercise involves breaking down muscles so that they build back up stronger. But you need to give them time rebuild after a workout. Take at least one to two days a week to completely rest. Or do just a very light workout, such as walking.

By avoiding these common workout errors, you’ll get the most out of exercising…and increase the chances of reaching your fitness goals.

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