90 Is the New 60

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90 Is the New 60 Many of us fear life will no longer be worth living if we make it to old age. We worry that frailty and disease will rob us of the ability to care for ourselves and do the things we enjoy. Stop fretting, say researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine [...]

Diet Soda Makes You Hungrier… And Fatter

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Diet Soda Makes You Hungrier… And Fatter Do you drink diet soda because you think it helps stop you from gaining weight? Think again. A new study shows that diet soda makes you hungry to point that you can increase your caloric intake by as much as 50%. It’s just the latest research showing that [...]

5 Part Series – Working Out – 5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Workout.

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5 Part Series This week we will be doing a 5 part series on 5 exercise mistakes that sabotage your fitness. Each day we will examine one. Please share your experiences of how you have been successful in your workout routine. We look forward to the week and your participation. Now let's get to our [...]

How To Quit Smoking

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How do you do it? Nicotine gum, cold turkey, taper down? What’s the best way to stop smoking for good? This question has troubled smokers for decades, but a new major British study seems to have found the answer. Quitting abruptly, commonly known as “Going Cold Turkey” appears to work better than tapering off. The [...]

Blood Glucose — Know Your Number!

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When it comes to blood sugar, the closer you can keep it to the normal range of 80 to 89 mg/dL the better.  For years I have been warning that blood sugars even in the 90 to 100 range show that you are becoming insulin resistant and on your way to diabetes.  A recent study done [...]

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